Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I've been Up To Lately...

We had our Circle J Vacation Bible School this past Saturday and we had a lot of fun! Part of the fun (and what kept me busy for basically an entire week) was the decorating for it. Here are some pics of some of the decorating me and two others did for the day.

The bulletin board was fun. It had fabric scraps that were just the perfect colors (although this picture is bad and doesn't show it well!). My friend Toni lent me the Paper Doll Cricut cartridge and I was able to make those mountains, cowboy, cowgirl and wagon for the board!! Thanks Toni!

For the entry way, we used cardboard boxes to make the gate entrance to our ranch. Our registration table is in the far right where I also used that Paper Dolls Cricut cartridge.

Oriental Trading Company had this cool horse so I made fencing to go down the hallway and corral our horse. I used what seemed like a million cardboard boxes from refridgerators, etc. and I used a brown acrylic paint with water to get the cardboard darker. Then I went back and added a few swipes of a different brown to high light the fencing.

On of the teachers had this ride on horse at her house and we made a little covered wagon out of a Radio Flyer wagon, hula hoops and fabric. The barb wire is from Oriental Trading Company and is save to the touch!

This is a view down the hallway of more fencing and some little decorative items. There are some grasses inside cowboy boots at the end of the hallway that I really thought was a cute touch!
I'll share more pictures later!

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Erica said...

Julie, these decorations are adorable!! No wonder you put so much time and effort into them.