Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Halloween Fun

Halloween was lots of fun at our house this year! I thought I'd take a minute and post some pics!

Ella was TinkerBell this year. TinkerBell was apparently a popular costume this year. She must have had at least 6 other girls in her preschool class dressed the same! :)

Dylan was BumbleBee the Transformer!

Debbie was Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers!

The fairy was so excited, she had to fly ahead!

The President (Tom) was in town to trick or treat as well!
Hope your Halloween was a good one!


The Scrappy Tree said...

Happy Halloween Jules! They all look ADORABLE! I wish I could fit into one of those Tinkerbell dresses! lol
Gayle xx

Kristin said...

That is quite possibly the best family portrait I have ever seen :) Happy late Halloween, I hope the game was FUN!


Erica said...

ADORABLE!!! And Tom looks great in his suit :)

dianapena8 said...

All are great costumes, what about yours? =D