Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Project Life Progress!!!

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile (jeez, I keep saying that don't I?)  Well, I am here today to post what I've been working on here and there.....Project Life scrapbooking.

It's a big trendy scrapbooking undertaking but I am enjoying myself.  I thought it would be easier for me than traditional scrapbooking of just birthdays, holidays, special events, etc. but I found that I wasn't really finding my rhythm and I felt overwhelmed.  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there posting inspiration on Project Life and I found that Michelle Wooderson's style (and all her supplies she sells) really speak to me!  Check out her blog here and her store here.
She has wonderful blog posts full of fantastic Project Life pages (among other things) and one of the most helpful things she posts are Project Life tips!!  I have found those to be super valuable.  One of her tips was keeping track of daily (or weekly) happenings in a planner.  Here's my freebie planner that I got from my in laws:

Each day I write a little blurb about something that went on.  (Boy are we boring!  lol)  Since doing this and taking photos, I realize I need to take WAY more pictures each day.  I had trouble getting enough to fill the pages.  Starting now, I'm trying to take pictures often.  The iphone helps with that!!  The pictures on the right side of the picture are from the phone and ones I emailed to myself to print last night.

Last night was really only the 3rd or 4th time I was able to mess with my Project Life goodies.  Most of the time when I start, I'm trying to get supplies together for it and that takes most of my time.  I think I'm finally figuring out what supplies I like best for this project and I'm trying to store them together so they are all quick and easy to grab!

I worked on my title page to my Project Life 2012 book last night.  Here's what I have so far:

 Okay, so far, that's what I have for my title page.  I used the Project Life supplies and a little bag from Michelle Wooderson's shop (see link above).  Please note this is a work in progress photo!!  I am writing my ideas on post its for additions to this page!  Hopefully by the weekend, I will have an updated and completed title page!!!!

I also worked on one other page last night from Valentines' week.  I did not take NEARLY ENOUGH pictures that week so I decided to only do that as a one page spread.  I'm hoping to get my act in gear and take enough pics so I can do double page spreads!  (Which is what I've wanted to do all along).  I plan on doing that with this week that is currently in progress!  

Here's the Valentines' week page: (so far, also a work in progress!)

First of all, nothing on this page is where it is most likely going to stay!  lol.  I printed out some pics wallet sized for this and I need to reprint in a larger size.  Since I didn't get that many pictures taken, I definitely need to make some bigger!!!   We made red velvet cupcakes that week and the girls really had fun decorating them.  I just need to make them bigger!!  Look for the completed page this weekend!!!

So, in conclusion of this very big blog post (by my standards anyway), I have to say that Project Life is such a neat way to document the everyday and it does take work.  Once you have your organization down, I think things really click.  Last night, things just clicked for me!  I am hoping to improve these work in progress pages and further create some awesome pages as the weeks go on!  I'm excited to try!

Thanks for stopping by!


Marti McClure said...

Hi Julie:

YOur blog is so cute, and I just love your work. Your altered bags and cards are just fabulous! I love the papers that you are most recently using, I have most of them in my collection. I'm looking forward to swapping with you in Cassandra's egg carton swap! ~Marti

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