Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Texas in Minnesota!

Happy Monday! This was such a fun weekend! I had my friend Erica here (she has her blog Zunky Chic) from Texas and we enjoyed every moment! Here are a few pics~! There will be more coming later.

The kids and Erica at the fountain at German Park in New Ulm, MN

This was Herman the German monument that Tom, Erica, Ella and Dylan were brave enough to go to the top on. I was too chicken. I made it to the first landing (before the spiral staircase) before my nerves said that was enough. In my defense, it is HIGH up at the top!

Erica, our good friend Melissa and myself having way too much fun junking it up at The Junk Bonanza! We were so lucky that Melissa could meet us. She was celebrating her 10th anniversary and took time out of her weekend to come meet us and shop!! Happy Anniversary Melissa and Eric! I will have more pics of the great stuff at The Junk Bonanza this week too!

Erica, Dylan and Tom taking a breather on a park bench! Antique shopping can sure wear a person out!

Debbie and Erica share a hug. Debbie and Erica got to do a bit of crafting this weekend and Debbie loved every moment!
I'll be back with more pics soon! Thank you Erica for coming for a visit!


David said...

These pictures are great! So, I pick Erica up at the airport, and from the moment I see her until about 20 minutes or so after I tried to go to sleep, she was talking about her trip and all of the fun that she had. She's really excited to go back!

She asked what I did this past weekend and I said "painted a door and ate microwave burritos".

Glad you had fun!

Erica said...

What great photos! I had a fabulous time and can't wait to come back. Tell everyone I say hello and I miss you all already.