Friday, January 4, 2013

Stamping Basics on TST blog and some Christmas fun

Hello!  I have a post over at The Scrappy Tree today that is the first in a video series on some stamping basics.  The video addresses the different kinds of stamps that are out there and what their benefits are, etc.  The next video is on the different kinds of inks.  I'm excited to bring them to the blog.  So check it out here or below.

Now, on to some fun stuff.................Christmas!  We had a wonderful Christmas here and I thought I'd share some pictures!

 The girls and I were making Santa Cookies!!!!  YUMMY!!!

 Try as we might, we couldn't find Ella's stocking!!!  Of course we didn't look until Christmas Eve night so we couldn't get another one at the store quickly.  We improvised with another stocking we had around that Ella labeled with her name so Santa would know it was hers!  :)

Just a few photos of the kids opening gifts.  These photos are all from my phone.  I have better ones on my regular camera that I will add soon.  

It was a great holiday season!

Tomorrow marks the Minnesota Vikings first trip to the playoffs in a few years and I'm excited!!  Love the Vikings!  Here's a few pics from a tour I took of the Stadium!  The first is outside of the stadium.

 Part of the tour included going onto the field.

 Viking logo at middle of field.

 Logo on one end of the field.

 From the end zone.

Go Adrian Peterson!  MVP!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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gayle said...

Great job on the video Jules :)
Looks like the kids really enjoyed Christmas! And you enjoyed the football lol xx