Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thank you so much Erica and Michelle for weighing in on my picture issue from yesterday! I did upload to a folder and it worked like a charm! I swear, I know so little about computers! Of course, I didn't read my blog until this morning, so I went out and bought another camera card, BUT, I figuree now I can have a camera card strictly for project pictures and one for the family. Thanks again girls!
This is one of the pictures that I was going to share yesterday! This is Debbie at our card making pajama party at a nearby stamping store. There was a game we all played where we were blindfolded and competed against a partner to sift through this bowl of rice to find small safety pins and whoever had the most pins found after 2 minutes won a prize. It was was extremely hard to do. It amazed me how the safety pin and rice felt very similar! Debbie found 7 pins in her rice bowl and won a treat. Later in the evening, I was her opponent and she beat me! I only found 3 pins (pathetic) and she found 5. It was a good time and we enjoyed our time together!
Now this is a picture of Debbie getting down to business. We had stamped on a glass square and we were using Smooch colors to paint on them. We made a lot of fun projects that day!
Yesterday I went to Red Lobster with my cousin Amy. It was bliss! We always have crab legs and enjoy every moment! There's a bit of a funny story to go with the night. Now, for YEARS, Amy and I go to Red Lobster to have a night out and each and every time we go, we have one of those $4 coupons to use from the paper and each and every time we go, we NEVER use it! We always forget it, switch purses, whatever; somehow we just never use it and then we kick ourselves about it! Well, yesterday we finally used the coupon and we actually felt bad about it! LOL. Perhaps this story isn't funny, but oh well, I had to share!
I hope to get crafting tonight. I bought Alcohol inks for the first time and after having watched a few Tim Holtz videos, I feel that I can conquer the inks! I'll show you what I do tomorrow if I indeed figure out how to do it!
Happy Thursday!


Michelle said...

Yay!! glad you have it figured out!! Love these pics. I am glad you had a good time with your cousin and have so many wonderful and fun memories.

dianapena8 said...

It is great that Debbie likes crafts and that you both can share these great moments together =Di