Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It felt good to get crafting last night...

Last night seemed to be going by so so quickly and before I knew it, it was 9 pm. I was sitting up in my attic scrap space looking around at all the scraps and things I should be putting away and then I decided to start a card and finish a few inchies before the night completely slipped away from me. Here's what I came up with.

This card does not have any sentiment stamped on either the outside or inside, so I am not sure what I'll use it for yet! I think it would make a nice thinking of you card. This card was not without it's errors (I'll fill you in on that in a minute), but overall, I am pleased with the look of the card. I can't help but look at these vintage pattern images and smile!
I used Close to My Heart Cream cardstock for the base of this card. I also used close to My Heart papers for this as well. I distressed the edges of the papers with my finger nail (where in the world are my 2 distressing tools when I need them?) and I used my Scotch ATC adhesive gun to apply adhesive (since I wanted to stitch, I did not use my Yes Glue!) Now my sewing machine was acting goofy (I am about 100% sure it was due to operator error) and for some reason, my zig zag stitching that I selected to do got done inside out! My zig zags ended up on the underside of the paper and I was left with this somewhat strage stitching on top, but I am okay with it I think! :) I was too tired to figure out the problem last night! I'll try to tackle that today. I had cut out my vintage pattern girls and place them on top of my layered papers. Finally I put on the layered circles with button and viola! Done!!

The next thing I worked on was finishing my June Fabric inchies for our Sheila Inchie Swap. We needed to use fabric in some way on the inchie and I chose to adhere the fabric to cardstock and use the fabric as a base. The inchie on the left had a really pretty pattern of flowers on it and I used fabric stiffener to adhere the fabric on the cardstock base. Once dry, I inked the edges of the fabric, and sewed (somehow that zig zag stitch came out okay and I did the stitching after I did the one on the card above!!). I stamped the word beautiful on kraft cardstock, inked it, and adhered it with glue. Finally, I glued on a button. Each one of the inchies I did like this one had a different button on them. The inchie on the right is probably my favorite one. I really loved the fabric and the colors of the fabric too. I used fabric stiffener to adhere the fabric on the card stock base. Once dry, I used thread from a frayed fabric scrap I had to make the ties on the inchie. Finally, I added a Prima and a gemstone to the inchie.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look today!!


Erica said...

Very cute inchies and love this card!! It's so sweet and pretty. And, I wouldn't have known the stitching was an "error" unless you said so. I think it looks cool! Almost like a zipper.

Sophie said...

So very nice to meet you! I adore Erica, she is so sweet, and I love all her creations that she makes.

Looks like you had a super fun time shopping! I make it a point to get to Ikea about once a month. I seem to need an Ikea fix.

I actually live just south of Lakeville, not quite to Mankato, but still south. We used to get down to Mankato a ton for hockey.

Have a great week, I love this rain we have been having, makes it so much easier to weed my gardens!