Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good morning! I was out late having a fun girls movie night so I didn't get to crafting last night, but I did want to share some more pictures from our park visit last weekend! First off, this is at the entrance of the park.

The girls wanted to strike a pose on a little bridge!

Both girls are actually in this shot. Debbie was tall enough to be seen over the big fish but Ella is there peeking out on the right side of the fish.

Dylan, my more camera shy child, posed by the lake at the park!

This was a fun weekend and we look forward to having more little day trips like this for the rest of the Summer!


Erica said...

These are gorgeous photos! I'd love for you to take me here when I visit. We sure don't have a beautiful lake at any park here!

Michelle said...

Which park is this??? It sure is pretty!!! Love the photos!!! Sure is nice to see these today!! It sure is gloomy here.. keeps sprinkling on and off.