Friday, June 18, 2010

Stormy Weather

Yesterday was definitely a stormy day in this neck of the woods. You know it can't be good when the sky looks like this:
Or this:

Even though the skies were threatening and it rained and rained with numerous tornado sirens going off and CRAZY wind, it sure was a pretty sky for awhile. At one point it cleared off for about 10 min. and I thought the clouds looked so cool!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


Michelle said...

Great photos, Julie!!!!! Never did get the rain or hail. No sirens. But, man oh man, did it ever get windy!!!! Windier than what it was during the day... and it was really gusting then!!! Hope you enjoyed the day today.

Erica said...

These are great photos. Love all those clouds, and that orange glow is beautiful!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

ohh those photos of the sky look cool, i love them!

Kristin said...

WOW, beautiful pictures!