Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This picture was taken just this morning so it was dark and dreary, but I thought I would show a little bit of how I organize in my scraproom. I have a milk glass vase filled with scissors and my favorite thing is the Coca Cola bottle holder. I have all my Glimmer Mist and acrylic paints in there. I also store a few must have tools such as my Basic Grey Rub on tool (which I swear is THE BEST thing to use with rub ons), my small hole punch, and a few rollers. I also store my Crystal Accents and Tacky Glue bottles in this bottle holder.


Michelle said...

What happened to our sun??? That was so unfair to tease us like that!! Yesterday was GORGEOUS!! Sunday ended up being really nice. I need my sun back!!!

A great way to organize all of those little bottles!!! It is fun to reuse some of those old, vintage things! Sadly.. I only have four bottles of glimmer mist.

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

Love how you repurposed these vintage pieces for your storage. (I obviously need more Glimmer Mist - I only have 2, but my plan is to make my own, which I never do.)

What is Crystal Accents?

gayle said...

I love that tray!! Fantastic, really useful and looks so pretty when organising your supplies!