Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whew! Busy week!

This week was packed with things going on in the evening and I unfortunately did not get much crafting done. The kids had their Spring concert, I had an online class for daycare, and the list went on.....but, I did get one card done!! Yay!!

This card uses a used dryer sheet as it's base and it was the first time I have worked with that technique. I have heard of people using them before, but I never had. I posted all the details over at The Scrappy Tree blog if you'd like to take a peek. I have been enjoying coming up with ways to recycle objects and materials on my projects so far this month. I can't wait to try some more things out!!

Happy Saturday! Please keep your fingers crossed that I actually get my new sewing machine operational!! It made its way out of the box but it isn't set up to use yet!!


gayle said...

Wow Jules, that's a great effect! I love how the colours came out and the stitching looks awesome :)

Michelle said...

I love this!! What a great technique!! Colors are wonderful and I love all the butterflies and stitching!

I have a sewing machine... haven't done much with it since I made Brit's duvet & pillow sham for her bed. I need to dig that thing out!! I bought a Janome, a pretty basic one. But still wasn't very cheap. Need to really use that thing!!! I don't know why, but I have a hard time with the thought of sewing on paper.. maybe it is cuz of all the grilling my mother did when I was in jr high and high school yelling about sewing on paper and dulling her needles! LOL

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

This is gorgeous!!! Love the colors, the sparkle, and those butterflies.

Kristin said...

Love this technique and your end result is SO Beautiful!! I hope next week gives you some more free craft time :)